Cash Game Going To Hell: A Downward Spiral Unfinished Tale  

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I hate to break this to you nice folks, but Doyle was right. Again... Is there someone really surprised by that, beside me??

I think I read that bid in Poker Wisdom of a Champion but I also seem to remember reading it somewhere else in the broad Doyle Brunson literature. Anyway, the jist of it being "do not play poker if your mind is preoccupied". Basically, if you have family concerns, health issues, girl troubles, and the likes, JUST DO NOT PLAY FSCKING CARDS!!!!

Now I am what I hope is an educated mind, with a great tendancy towards introspection and self-examination. What this means is that usually, in life as well as poker (maybe more in poker :p), I try to be aware*. I try to be a conscientious lucid dim-witted dumbass, roughly staying awake about what's going on in my life (more the with the world, to be perfectly honest ;)). Which basically means that I'm constantly doubting myself and asking questions about ... well everything... Which also means I tend to know where I'm at when I'm there :p, or I have a very good insight. All in all to say this: all of what I am should warrant the proper poker wise behavior and management.

Moreover, waking up not with Aces but rather with rags (very very bad poker analogy with my love life here...:confused:), I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!!

Well it seems I did not know better and ended up spewing almost 1/3 of my whole Bankroll in 3 consecutive lousy cash game sessions, donkeying my chips away with the second worse hand while misreading completely my opponents, putting them on even lousier hands when in fact they were holding the nuts, nut flush or nut straight, or worse case scenario, the second nut.

3 days later:
Ok. I';m back to par. You know what they say: unlucky in love, lucky at cards. Guess it's true, especially since it did hold true in yesterday's homegame :P.

* How can one resists the temptation to make fun of Van Damme right now: "Il faut ĂȘtre aware" - the french speaking Railbirds should get that one ;-)... Just know that the guy, from Belgium, speaks both french and english, but basically mixes them according to his audience. For instance, when on a french tv show, the guy doesn't remember much of his french and babbles in a very broken french-glish. And vice versa... Guess he thinks it's sexy or somethin'... And I didn't even mention his 4th grade philosophy ;-). Have a look:



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