Popping My Casino Cherry  

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Just a quick post to tell I'm finally going to spew money at the casino tonite :-P... Woohooo!!!! No more feeling lame, lousy and vaguely impostor when strangers ask if I go to the Casino ;-)... LOL.

Starting to get the jitterbugs and butterflies now; this will be the highest stakes I'll have ever played... Still, repeating a couple of decent mantras right now:

- Cbet less, value bet more
- Remember you know what you're doing
- Be ready to makes BIG laydowns
- Play tight but aggressive
- Don't steam cause you're not getting as many hands as online :P
- and so on and so forth...

To be continued (around 11pm tonite :P)...


January Results and Item Analysis  

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Well, January is over and among other things not related to poker, I turned 30 on the 17th. As much as I hate those milestones, I can't really say it depressed me. I just choose to ignore it as much as possible :P.

On the poker side of things, well, let's start with a bunch of graphs :).

Januray 2008 by Date

January 2008 by Hand

By comparison with graphs for December:

December 2007 by Date

December 200 by Hand


We can clearly see some changes. Basically, I quit overplaying Ax, as well as big gapers (KJ, QT, JT) so aggressively, picked up my spots a tad better (mostly working from position), and generally kept avoiding conflicts and borderline hands, thus keeping away from those tough decisions that made my bankroll look like some kind of yo-yo. And, well, I think I do deserve the following pat on the back; on December 26th, my bankroll was a whammy 12$. Which I split on 2 6-dollar tables. Ten minutes later, on of them had gotten me stacked, so I was back to playing on one single table... :S... But... I did double up on that sole table, and started the good old mitosis process; split that 10$ on 2 other tables, doubled-up on both, re-split that in 4, and so on... All in all, waking up 12 days later with a 100$ in my bankroll and a very very interesting start to my 2008 poker year :).

Mid-Februrary Note
Still grinding. I stuck around 50$ a long boring while and it seems to be happening again around 150$. But if 2007 taught me anything is I can get through :)...

To be continued... D'uh!



And now for something...

... completely different...

For all the media and art buffs out there, here's what I'm tripping on lately, besides poker... Comments and/or suggestions welcomed ;-).

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    Milk (Gus Van Sant)

    And while we're at it, other personal stuff includes (contains French ramblings :P):
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