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Roughly set myself to collecting a decent sample of Short-Stack play in July, in order to better define what can be expected from this strategy. Got to a little over 11k hands, which is something of a baseline. For the record, I ran at 9.91/7.96/5.56, for a 1.13 ptbb/100hands, which is basically what is to be expected when Short-Stacking. My lifetime short-stacking BB/100 is a little bigger than the one for July, but it does also make a hell of a lot more sense than it did after 5k hands (whooping, unsustainable 5+BB/100 :D!).

Now that I have a half-decent sample of SSS, I can get back to deep-stacking, at least for August, since the whole idea behind me getting into it was to clear to PokerStrategy First Deposit bonus, which I'll do come September. Thus, 40% rakeback being 40% rakeback at any stakes, I'm moving back to real poker in August that's for sure. Not sure if I'll manage to keep the pace and get the minimally satisfying 10k hands in the month since I am on vacations and will most probably get out of town for a couple days at least; if I'm lucky, I'll get to find some live play where I'll end up :).

In any case, a word to the wise; short-stacking is definitely boring as hell, and therefore should NOT be considered poker in any way. But, it can be very, very effective for bonus whoring :).

Anyway, don't wanna babble too long this time around; it's vacation time (I feel like a margarita right now lol). Still, as usual, the graphs. Note those include a single deep-stack session of about 215 hands, mid-month (of course, last hand of said session, I got rockets UTG, raised, got called by a blind with a lousy suited trash hand and we ended up all-in on the flop for the guy to make is mofoin' runner-runner flush. Decided it was karmic retribution for having hacked into poker with this whole Short-Stacking bout ;-)).

July 2008 - By Hands

July 2008 - By Big Blinds BBWon
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