The WSOP Are Just Around The Corner Again!!!  

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I know, I know, I've been pretty much out of it for the last 3 months... Basically, since the end of January, poker has slowly slept away from my consciousness and my preoccupations... The reason? Really really simple... Have been single for over 2 years and in early Februruary, I met a woman, and well, that has taken a lot of my "time-dedicated-to-hobbies-and-such"... Have even been neglecting my best buddies... But, hey, they've been quite understanding and supportive to say the least :D...

Still, poker's kinda itching its way back into my mind these days, especially with our annual WSOP Prop Bet, featuring new blood this year :D! Indeed, Nic's buddy Djoph decided to get in on our action :P... So here's a breakdown of our picks, 3 each this year, for a whooping tenner :).

Tom Durrr Dwan
Chris Jesus Ferguson
Scotty Nguyen

Barry Bear Greenstein
Phil Ivey
Eric E-Dog Lindgren

Phil 'STFU' Hellmuth
Daniel KidPoker Negreanu
Erik Seidel

I must say Nic's team seem pretty solid... We'll see... Gonna be fun!!!



And now for something...

... completely different...

For all the media and art buffs out there, here's what I'm tripping on lately, besides poker... Comments and/or suggestions welcomed ;-).

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