Job's Done :P  

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Last November 8th, I set myself what I thought would be a very tough target to reach, to play ten thousand hands of online poker before my next birthday, 69 days later (unintentional coincidence, I swear :P). Well, I am proud to say that, on December 31st, 2007, at 11:30:56 EST, I played my 10,000th hand, a measly 10-5 offsuit :D!!! I must admit the silly prop bet with Nic gave a lot of incentive to the whole endeavour ;-). Anyway, here's a little something stupid I did to mark the occasion :P...


Xmas Bad Beats Nightmare  

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Congratulations! You're one step closer to hitting bottom.
- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Well, I went to the floor on Xmas Eve. All started with my rockets getting cracked by... Yeesss, exactly, a fscking Anna Kournikova... Offsuit even!!!! In a nutshell: I wake up with rockets UTG (after playing my second BB - roughly, my 1oth hand of the day), raise my usual 3xBB, get called by UTG+1 and proceed to remind myself that I'm ready to call any bet pre-flop while holding the best Texas Hold'em starting hand, and if I weren't, I should just quit, when, lo and behold, UTG+2 re-raises all-in for about 5 bucks. I insta-call and UTG+1 insta-folds, of course. Board comes something like 7-3-J-Q and the fscking merciless river (she'll get even nastier, believe me) brings a fscking Ten and I just lost it, seeing this runner-runner suckout from such a domintated hand... Thus, I proceeded to spew a couple more bucks, tilting like a madman. Total losses after 150 hands on Xmas Eve: 9.50$.
Then, I quit, took a shower, had lunch, and, since my Xmas celebrations were on the 25th, I sat down again, pumped up and focused on making my big hands count and get those dollars back. Well, while my intentions might have been good, the poker gods saw things differently. After calling a pre-flop shove again, this time with Cowboys against a uber-tight aggressive player whom I correctly put on Aces (then why d'you called?? you might ask, to what the only answer is: I am a donk), I woke up with American Airlines once more, only to find myself shoving on a blank flop (5-7-J) and get called by my opponent, holding a Gretzky... Just guess what card the river brougth... That's right, a fscking nine! Right there and then, I had a tad over 8$ in my whole bankroll... Yikes :S... And I decided I was a wounded-cornered animal and I readied myself to die (ie go broke).

Currently still struggling around 10$. Managed to bring the total to about 25$, thanks to a tremendous suckout and a couple of monster hands holding on... Until a set over set hand that quickly turned into a Hansen-Negreanu wannabe; quads over boat... And I, of course, had the wors of it...

But today, things seem to brighten up as Nic tells me about, a site allowing money transfers from one poker site to another... I might pump money into my stars bankroll after all... Cause there's no way I'm quitting, even though my "Well, I'm broke" post is already started :P...


Item Analysis - First Hypothesis  

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Ok. I have fomented somewhat of a first hypothesis as to what happened around hand #5,989... Panic! I then went through my widest bankroll swing ever, trying to play a lot more pots and a lot more aggressively, never backing down from any top pairs, regardless of the kicker, for instance. In a span of about 300 hands, I tested that kinda play and reached my biggest net profit, only to lose it all (twice even) in the greatest downside of my year... And this is when I panicked and thought I simply sucked at the game, not putting any of these losses in any kind of perspective... Even thought about quitting, plain and simple. Not remembering I had a good first half the year and forgetting about the old 'a poker cash game is one continuous never-ending game with swings and trends' can become quite costly it seems ;-).

Another decent hypothesis would be that I do not feel comfortable at NL5, mostly because we have uber-Gus-Hansen types, players playing humongous numbers of hands (you'll rarely play peeps with >50% VP$IP at NL10+, but you might end up on a table with an average VP$IP of above 50% for the whole table at NL5, as well as uber-maniacs playing more than 3/4 quarters of the time... Just crazy; how can you put any of these players on any kinda hand?!?!?!?). I have to admit having, on average, better sessions and steadier wins at NL10 than NL5... I'll have to check the number of hands played at these two levels before being absolutely convinced... But I don't think I'll get back to playing NL5 ever again in any case, though :).


Nerf Sick Days  

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Quick update on the tally and that target of 10,000 hands by my birthday. Well, the latter is going pretty well, as far as number of hands played goes :P; last time I checked, I was on pace to hit 10,376 hands!! Sweet!! Now, if those could only end up being winners... lol

As for the bet, the tally kinda speaks for itself. "But why suddenly more than 600 hands behind, bubbleb0y??", no one asks. Well, the answer to that my friends is: sick days. God's greatest gifts to the poor schlob when said schlob is the one taking the day off :P... In our case, Nic's the one taking a sick day Monday, logging about 1,000 hands :P!!! So that's that, as they say. But, it seems his PC died on him, so I think I have plenty of time to close the gap :).


Item Analysis  

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Ok. I'm starting to think I suck at poker. Looking at these, one could also argue I kinda lost my mojo after hand #5,989 or so... Was there ever two graphs more dissimilar, seriously???? And off course, my old male ego thing is getting owned these days, as my buddy Nic is running great these last 3 months, reaching each and everyone of his goals in the expected amount of time... Just now, chatting with him while at work ;o), he's telling me how good he's running, finally playing NL10 and being up by a buy-in and a half... While being absolutely thrilled for him and his successes (which come with their lot of hard work, believe me, even at our small scale), I come to realize the last time I doubled-up in a cash game is... probably the last time I played Play Money games... Am I supposed to double-up in cash games is now a very decent and relevant question...

After futher investigation, it turns out Nic doubled-up 8 times since September, out of about 250 sessions, for a wooping 0.03 %... Doesn't tell me much; is this a must? Can one rake in great profit while never doubling-up?

The thing is I wanna be the best that I can, and I know I tend to be result-oriented, which is just wrong with poker...

Oh well, looks like this is going to be one hell of an introspective Holiday Season :P...



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Horrible, horrible fscking nite yesterday; donked over 7$ total ... came in pre-tilted cause of the buses, the stupid snow and my stupid friends and their fscking xmas parties, and definitely tilted when my uber 7-2 offsuit from the BB turned into a boat only to find out the dude on my left had been slow playing a pocket pair turned to set by the flop (or just passively playing every hand for that matter)... and then, I hit rock bottom :P... After being constantly re-raised pre-flop with my semi-bluff/semi-steal attempts (which were way too numerous in my vain attempts to get my money back), I wake up with Hockey Sticks and raise 3xBB and get fscking re-raised again but this time I call. Flop is absolutely dry so I bet half the pot, only to get raised again by the fscking button. I re-raised and he shoves while some donk between us does the calling station trick... I call, knowing full well that:

  1. I'm beat by a bigger pocket
  2. I am on super uber tilt, which argues and makes a solid case for me to gamble this 2-outer piece of shit of a hand...

Off course the board and poker Gods do not come to my rescue (i guess that humoungous suck out in the satellite had its cost :P) and the guy indeed has rockets. I go berserk, quit my 3 tables, folding a pair of jacks in the process, cause lets face it, I would have played those like aces surely but the board would have been A-K-Q for sure ;), and go watch that awful hockey game... Which ended 4-1 Wings... Even the Habs are going to hell... lol!


Trying to retrieve some positive from this nite, I think I might have nailed a couple of factors that could explain those "Downward Spiral" moments... And they could also explains the state of my poker graph (see last post)... I'll need to check my hand logs and ponder a little more on this though... To be continued...


10,000 Hands... Finally!  

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Finally reached the 10,000 hands plateau last week. Not much to say or brag about it. Interesting fact: I seem to have started to play differently around 5,000 hands. I think I either switched stakes or begun to think and tried some fancy poker... I will try and find what happened around this time because I feel something went awry and I can't quite put the finger on it.



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