To Hell And Back - A Downward Spiral Tale Part 2  

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I am not dead. Not physically, nor mentally, nor even poker-wise... Got bloody close to retirement though :P...

Following my last post, including the 'getting back to par' bid, I felt pretty confident around cash game tables... For a while that is... In the span of a mere 250-some hands, I manage to lose half my bankroll with very very donkey calls and moves. I then had to find the humility to step back down to penny games, which was quite hard to do. It ended up taking me the best of a month to finally get back on the horse so to speak. I did on a lousy uneventful boring Friday night, finally logging about 100 hands or so of profit on a ring 0.01/0.02 table, and felt I could do good in a tourney, so I got my Railbirds freeroll password and registered to the 9pm tourney. After a humougous suckout for which I was standing on the 'good' side for once, I manage to go deeper than ever before, falling a little short of my first final table (that was disappointing), finishing 13th out of 1614. And well, since I do have a shaky self-esteem, that was a very good pat on the back and I felt I could still do well around the felt. Back on the horse as they say :D!!!



And now for something...

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For all the media and art buffs out there, here's what I'm tripping on lately, besides poker... Comments and/or suggestions welcomed ;-).

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