Late Weekly Recap - Money Finishes All Around!  

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I started the week with a single money finish in a bout 10 freerolls so far. But Monday came in and found me in a very positive mindset, as I had had a decent weekend.

First, the second money finish of my railbird carreer: an 80th place out of 1299 in a Limit Hold'em Railbirds freeroll Wednesday night. And I must confess having been this close not to play the damn thing; I registered early and went to eat. After my meal, the exhaustion of a very rough week so far hit me like a jakhammer and I elected to watch tv before the tourney to relax. When I realized I was almost falling asleep, I kinda decided to unregister and call it an early nite. Looking at the time while moving sluggishly towards my desk, it's 8:57... No check that, 58... By the time I sit at my computer, the unregister button has vanished into oblivion. I decide for a quick maniacal exit; I'll effectively play 80% of the hands. Then, folding my first hand (lmao), I load; it's a Limit tourney. Oh well, who said Limit can't create quick exits???

The Third Money Finish
54/1065 in a PLO on FullTilt. Oh yes baby, I made the money in an Omaha Hi event!!! Quite satisfying to figure I can play that game almost as well as Hold'em :)!!!

The Fourth Money Finish
118/1641 NLHE on FT. For that one, I think I remember vaguely an interesting hand, where, roughly, I woke up with AK offsuit from Late Position, and ended up making the right move by calling a short stack shove which had gotten called by an even shorter stack; 3-handed against any random 2 hands, AK offsuit is still a very nice favorite (about 48% against 26/26) has it hit me when I was in the tank :P.


All in all, I think I might getting myself to become a somewhat promising all-around player... Trying to keep my head clear, straight and up lol.

Later (Monday, Aug. 27th, 12h12 am)
Well, it seems I was quite right about that feeling of me being more and more an all-around player; I just busted out in 58th (out of 1299) of the Railbirds H.O.R.S.E. freeroll, playing the whole rotation pretty well actually. Stud kinda made suddenly a lot of sense ;-)!



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