Three-way All-in  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Quick note on a rare occurence: me busting out with the goods :p!!! Still, busting out on a 3 way all-in so near the money (211 out 1464) is kinda painfull :).
Roughly, blinds are 300/600 with a 50 ante in a NLHE freeroll. All the money goes in pre-flop, after something like:I min-raise from seat 8, button min-raise, SB calls all-in and I push, trying to isolate the button, a maniac who has already hit with unmentionable hands (such as 5-2 not from the blinds lol); I figure he might call since he's covering me 2 to 1 but I'm sure my AK off is good enough. He calls. We flip:

villain1 - Button = KhQc
Villain2 - SB = AhKs
Me = AhKc

Guess who hits the flop?? That's right! The maniac hits one of his 3 outs: QhTs6h... fsck! lol Turn and river are rags and I hit the rails... With the feeling of having done the right thing nonetheless ;-).



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