Reality Check For a Boorish American  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Big time reality check yesterday evening; went to play some NL25 cash game in a private card room and I must admit I never felt comfy with these stakes, pathetically being the highest I've ever played. I felt way out of my game, constantly doing the exact thing I was repeating myself NOT to do, such as not announcing to everyone "it's time to change gear" with my first live straddle... In short, I've been the boorish american :P... See, there's some 2+2 dude who wrote a partial European version of Rounders and instead of the proverbial sucker at the table, it's the boorish american:

"If you can't spot the boorish american in your first half-hour at the table, than your are the boorish amercian"

See here for the 'complete' partial rewrite. Lots of fun, let me tell ya!


In any case, this whole experience got me thinking about my game, and my relation to money. I am a scared little boy when it comes to dough, even though I paradoxically could not give more than a RAT'S ASS about my personal finances... Weird...

It also got me thinking about those pathetic stakes I'm playing and the humongous amount of fear involved in choosing those rather than investing to actually learn how to comfortably play at some more interesting levels...

- So now what?!?, asks the Cynical Voice in my head.
- I don't know actually... Shall I just quit?? Reassess my ambitions and just play for fun, perhaps even with play money??
- lmao
- Shut up, I'm serious...
- I know... You could also take this as a very good sign that you will never gamble your house or lose the bread'n butter money, that you have, in fact, a good basis of money management skills...
- Meh.
- Or take the bull by the horns and either pump some more money into your bankroll to extricate yourself from those pathetic micro-micro stakes...
- ... and accept the fact that to learn to win, I probably have to lose (read PAY) a decent amount of money...
- How many times you think Doyle went broke?

To be continued...



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