So It's New Year's Day...  

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With this New Year's Day, cashing out from my most profitable session ever, after having been to the floor twice in December, I come to reflect on not only the last month, but also the whole last year as this latest Holiday Season reaches its end.

My first year flirting with this beautifully cruel mistress that is poker. My first year dabbing at the weird, geeky, often smelly, often whiny, always entertaining community around this poker game that one can hardly ever quit (part of the year's lessons are, I guess, the 2 times I almost went cold turkey, once because of/for a girl, once cause I sucked :P... I suppose some people do quit, but I'd be very very curious to know the real stats about that one ;-)). My first year, babbling the jargon and slang and finding out the proper terminology, so much like an infant opening up to its own consciousness... My first year figuring out odds, pot as well as implied and the famous infamous, and often underestimated tilt odds, falling victim to each many many times already... My first year understanding why maths have a statistical branch and praising karma for those lame-ass stats classes I was forced to take in college... My first year since a long while discovering a new interest, eventually overshadowing the Old Mistress Cinema, even... My first year finding some hobby in serious contention of being a... passion, actually... My first year (re)realizing there's always a place to challenge one's own self... My first year finding myself back again...

So, in order to keep with the light of the day, here's a quick list of poker resolutions (well, more objectives, but hey :P) for 2008:

  • Play at least 50,000 hands of online poker
  • Play way more live, and find a personal comfort zone
  • Settle at NL10, then NL25 and NL50 by the end of the year
  • Develop a proficiency for another game (Razz, Stud or Omaha)
  • Start dabbing at split games
  • Win a tournament
  • Pull a major stone-cold bluff
  • Hustle some poor schlob in a pub or hustle myself a date :P
  • Visit every Montreal poker room
  • Take a week-end trip to Atlantic City
  • Run a tight blog :P
  • Keep the mailing list/discussion group alive
  • Stay aggressive, uncompromising and unapologetic at the tables, while remaining affable, lighthearted and zen
  • Create myself a slick avatar
  • Create a Poker course
  • Keep taking bad beats with the reverence and awe of a devout
  • Write my Poker & Self-Enlightenment piece
And on that note, Happy New Year!!!!!!



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