Popping My Casino Cherry Part 2  

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Aaaaaahhhhh, casinos!

I loved it! Simply loved it. As soon as you step from the table, to go to the bathroom for instance, all you can hear is poker talk, which you gotta love!!!! People are way more talkative than I first imagined, including yours truly :P. And the 1$/2$ game seems pretty beatable to me, providing you play premium hands and stay patient. I went twice since my last post, for about 4-hour session each time, and raked a net of 186$, avoiding conflicts and picking up my spots. I did go all-in once, but, for that first time I decided I'd need the nuts to shove, which I spiked when a fourth club came on the turn of a battle-of-the-blinds hand where I held the lousy Ac7s...

On a side note; I have been advocating to never limp in an unopened pot forever, and I will continue to advocate such a guideline for newcomers (and will myself keep playing like that until I'm finally out of the micro stakes), but I had some sort of poker epiphany (well, with the knowledgeable help of Misters Miller and Sklanksy (No Limit Holdem: Theory and Practice, which I recommend to any serious Holdem student) lol), and finally got that this guideline is mostly a golden nugget for tourney play... And might even quickly become a -EV play in deep stack cash game (say more than 100 big blinds for anyone at the table; what is called the effective stack), against somewhat savvy players. On the same note, these guys also advocate not to use predefined bet-size for preflop play, simply to avoid patterns and straightforward play... This I will mention again when I'll try implementing new strategies to my game :).



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