Here We Go Again...  

Posted by Alex Laforest

It's the WSOP yet again!!! And I am not there again :P...

In any case, here comes about 2 months of feverish refreshing for live updates about... yes poker, baby! Everytime I think about it I lol; if anybody would have walked up to me in the pubs I used to hang when in college during my Film Studies major I would have laugh pedantically for like 73 hours str8... And now, I even spell "straight" str8... LOL, life IS a funny endeavour...

One of the many places to get constant updates: 2008 WSOP Live Updates.

Oh, and on the degenerate gambler side of things: first prop bet of this year's Series: Nic and I both have 2 players and whoever team cashes the most wins the bet.

Alex's team: Erik Seidel and Daniel Negreanu (woohoo I have the Cannuck :P)
Nic's team: Allen Cunningham and Phil Hellmuth Jr. (can I say ROFL?!?! Not because Phil's bad player, far from it (I mean, come on, can anyone seriously say that Hellmuth's a donk at tournament poker...), but mostly because we do love to hate the guy and now Nic can not really hate him for the next 2 months... I find it very, very satisfying :P).

Will post more prop bet as we make 'em, of course ;-).

Great Series everyone!!!!!



Well none of our guys cashed in the first event.

Now headed to Qc for the week end. I know Negreanu is signed up for the 1500 NLHE event starting today. No clue about the others.

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