Ok... Finally a First Shot At Next Level!!!  

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Woke up this morning with one ginormous migraine, so I called in sick, got back to bed, slept like a baby until like 3 pm and then, armed with a big, fresh pot of coffee, I managed to play a little over 200 hands on PartyPoker, the client being all messed up by the latest patch (basically, every opened seat is marked Reserved and cannot be sat in in any way, while the waiting list simply does not work... nice, huh?!? lol). I think the peeps over there might have been a little tilted by the software's problems, because I doubled-up twice very quickly. But then again, I do not usually play during daytime on weekdays :P. Anyway, when I opted for a shower break, my tables rapidly drying up, I was ahead about 2.25 buy-ins, knocking, yet again, at the NL25 door :D. After my break, I tried sitting back again somewhere on Party, but to no avail. I just read from a Party dude on 2+2 that they're finally working on it :)! Here for the whole thread.

Anyway, feeling so close again to moving up, after what, five, six times... I lost count :P... I remembered I thankfully never moved my whole BR to Party, and thus still have about a hundred on Stars! Woohoo! Went back to that old slipper that is Stars' client, and managed to grind my last half a buy-in to get a big enough bankroll to finally (/sigh) take my very first shot at NL25, after a very long, twisted, roller-coaster of a labor...

Now, let's hit those tables :)! Will, of course, post about it soon ;-).



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