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Posted by Alex Laforest

I can't say I have settled at NL25 yet, but I can surely say I am not (not yet, anyway lol) overwhelmed by it either. I must confess that, while grinding patiently NL10, I spent long hours imagining a seriously freaky gap skillwise between the 2 stakes, and the resulting downfall that would obviously ensure (note the avoidance of the poker slang downswing... Downfall just sounds... grander to me :P). But, as I write these lines multi-tabling on Party, I feel I am actually right in the process of settling in... I still make doofus plays (cf. previous post ;-)), but I think and hope they're getting less and less costly; definitely something I'll have to check in my PT3.

Last thought: I think the mere fact that the pots and other amounts of money are so easy to count, and starting to represent something (at last, even if it's not much :P), helps me concentrate a lot. A little like the few times I played NL200 at the Casino; though I can relatively easily afford to loose a couple hundred bucks, donkeying that much in one night would drastically modify my budgeting on the short term, to put it one way ;-). Thus, I am under the impression that my play is more focused since moving up... The feeling that when I take the virtual felt, I take it with both intent and determination... Not just to pass time, having nothing better to do, like I did playing NL10. A little weird and unexpected... And I guess this might means a tad less hands played per month... Will see!

P.S.: WCG|Rider called off the Insane Prop Bet, so I removed the link from the Links section. Here for is abdicating post.



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