"The Dream is Over"  

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The End of An Era, really... Well sorta. My incredibly juicy 40% rakeback deal from PokerStrategy.com is no more. Sniff sniff. We had a very good run, and I got roughly $175 in rakeback, which I can't complain about, now can I? Now, long live bonus whoring starting... now :P. Just need to move my roll... I hate that management stuff, really, but I will not pass by all those sweet, sweet bonuses. I have actually lost enough time not clearing them already, imo :). If you have never been there, don't know it even exists, or haven't paid attention to any of my widgets, click here and start doing the right thing, pimp your roll ;-).

Oh, and for those doing donkaments out there; the new WSOP Main Event Champion was crowned yesterday. Turns out he's one hell of a young kid: 22 years old and change... Take that Nio-Nio ;-). TSN's telecast is aired tonite, at 10pm EST.



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