Nothing Much to Say, Really  

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Guess I have to post something... It's been a week after all... But since I haven't played much (actually starting to wonder what the hell I have been up to in that past, there's not much to say...

Well, yesterday, I got back in the grind of things, with a roller-coaster 700+ hand session, but it was my first decent session in days, so not much to say there either (yeah, I would be feeling I'm wasting paper right now, weren't this thing a blog ;-))... Hope to at least finish the year with a bang, but my last decent month volume-wise seems so long ago, I'm not entertaining too much illusions... Then again, our stupid, cold as a frozen hell Canadian winter is looming, so I might stay a little more home and thus play a little more... Was the case last year anyway... We'll have to wait and see...

Quick note: seems the 60 Minutes special on the Absolute Poker and UB scandal is going to air this Sunday. Pretty curious (and a tad worried, tbh) to see what this will do to the business...

Oh, and finally, to you Americans out there: Happy Thanksgiving!!! Taste that turkey :D!!!



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