The WSOP Are Just Around The Corner Again!!!  

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I know, I know, I've been pretty much out of it for the last 3 months... Basically, since the end of January, poker has slowly slept away from my consciousness and my preoccupations... The reason? Really really simple... Have been single for over 2 years and in early Februruary, I met a woman, and well, that has taken a lot of my "time-dedicated-to-hobbies-and-such"... Have even been neglecting my best buddies... But, hey, they've been quite understanding and supportive to say the least :D...

Still, poker's kinda itching its way back into my mind these days, especially with our annual WSOP Prop Bet, featuring new blood this year :D! Indeed, Nic's buddy Djoph decided to get in on our action :P... So here's a breakdown of our picks, 3 each this year, for a whooping tenner :).

Tom Durrr Dwan
Chris Jesus Ferguson
Scotty Nguyen

Barry Bear Greenstein
Phil Ivey
Eric E-Dog Lindgren

Phil 'STFU' Hellmuth
Daniel KidPoker Negreanu
Erik Seidel

I must say Nic's team seem pretty solid... We'll see... Gonna be fun!!!



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