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Went to a live tourney yesterday, and once again, some kind of prescience hit me about half an hour before the tourney started; I was going to burst the bubble.

Played what I think was solid poker flirting dangerously with a rocky tightness. I just could not switch gear, intimidated that I was by all this live action (ironically enough, not at all by the big Mike Matusow wannabe sitting in front of me and annoying almost everyone in the club). And, off course, eventually, my inability to efficiently switch gears seemed to have cost me the money. Thrice, following a "battle of the blinds", I thought to myself "now is your chance to build up something" but just could not find my balls :P!

Might be worth mentioning the best hole cards I got all nite: a Gretzky!!! Got pockets ducks twice and, I think a little slick but I'm not even sure :). Considering this, I'm pretty satisfied to have reached the final table.

Final rank: 8th out of 43.



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