Poker And Self-Enlightenment - Part 1  

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Read an interesting and interestingly funny article in this month's Bluff Magazine. The paper, from Jeff Madsen's quill (Go movie lover Go!!!! ;-)), is about Poker (d'uh!), life, decision making and philosophy. Something I've been wanting to tap since I started playing the damn game!!!

No sweat though, cause the guy doesn't go as deep as I would and keeps it very lighthearted, mainly focusing on the difficult decisions one constantly make at the poker table as well as in life. The funniest analogy comes when he tells the anecdote of him having to take a 50 question driver's license test and finding himself one question short of failing when he reaches the last one. Thus, he keeps things smooth and funny, whereas, I'd probably go with a philosophical essay, actually. Something about the self-enlightenment inherent to facing tough moments and bad beats and humongous glories at the poker table. Around poker, one truely finds out what one's worth...

The cool thing with reading such an article by a respected top pro is the feeling that I, micro-stakes small timer, quickly figured there was something very metaphysical about poker and how one plays it...

To be continued... Definitely!



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