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Now that's so sweet I have to mention it.

I get home from work, sit down at my desk and fiddle around registering into a SitnGo... I ponder this for a short while, keeping saying to myself I must and should play some cash games to increase my bankroll. I end up figuring I'll play a couple of NL10 (0.05/0.10, that is) cash game while figuring if I'm in a tourney mood. Sure, this could end up being costly...

I find myself a table, take the last seat available, on the wrong side of the button and elect to wait for the BB. The wait, as usual, is hardly bearable and ends up with me browsing aimlessly the internet. Finally, I get to post and wake up with a lousy 7h6d. Action is folded around to the button, who limps from a decent 7$ish stack. So does the SB, with 17 bucks in front of... it!?!? I check my BB, off course. Flop comes 6c 7s 6s. Now I have hit he absolute nuts, the monster of monsters, and unless someone manages to connect with this to make a straight flush (which will happen I don't know, what, once in a lifetime?!?!?!), I am the king of this hand. And will probably end up buying the pot right now since no one showed any strength pre-flop. SB checks, no surprise, so do I, figuring my only chance to make some money here is to have someone do the betting for me. And then, it starts to happen; I have to restrain myself from bursting into a celebratory dance when the button bets the pot!!! The SB folds like there's no tomorrow and I'm once again restraining myself, from overbetting this sucker now; this is most probably his shot at the pot. Tempted to flat cal, I min-raise. Lousy trap, true, but remember I'm playing NL10 here! Button, oblivious, calls. Turn comes Js, and a "chiching" resounds in my head. Hoping the button made a flush, I open with a third of the pot, which is called. Ok, now I'm hoping he's got a lousy flush at least, cause I can help myself anymore; I'm the nuts!! As soon as the Qd hits the virtual felt, I push. He calls!!! I can't believe it, especially when he shows 8s 3s for a J8-high flush. True, until the river, it didn't cost him much, but I think I would have smelled something cooking when a BB shoves in front of me and all I have is a low flush.

Anyhow, I raked in a 16,85$ pot - one of my biggest ever :P, and started considering this hand to become my favorite trash hand; you know, the usual Big Lick but with an history instead of just a cool name... I got it again during that same session and played it, off course, cheaply though; didn't hit the flop and bailed. Then, I finally made up my mind and registered to a SitnGo. Got it again early (7d 6h this time), on the SB. Ended up sucking out on an Ac 6d when the board flushed both of us, me having the better hand with a 7-high flush :). One more point for the trashy 67 off!!

Now, writing this, I flip through my Poker Tracker stats and realize this is still a losing hand for me. Oh well; let's say it's currently the first and only contender to the title of My Favorite Trash Hand.

As a closing note, this now famous (for me) 6-7 offsuit is also poetically known as the Philadelphia, Union Oil, Trombones. For more of these incredibly creative and yet still stupid names, I would suggest here, since the fellas at Wikipedia kinda made it hard to find them lately. This page is the closest I could quickly find ;-).



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