Fscking the Bushes  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Dude, I'm on a fscking rush though!

8 in a row. 8 money finish in Sit'nGos in a row. Feels awesome. And for the record, this is the sole reason I took another shot at the next Sit'nGo level :P (cf post Taking A Shot)! Now, I think I'll go goof around in a 5-card draw or a triple low ball thingy... Yeah, I hear you Little-Cynical-Bastard-Devil; just to fsck with my great mood and super streak :P!

Later: did a 5-card draw 6-handed Sit'nGo to fsck around my streak. Finished 5th after a decent start; God I have no fscking clue what to draw to!!!!



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