The New Me  

Posted by Alex Laforest

In light of certain factors, I have come to terms with the necessary resolution :): I will no longer play any online tournament with buy-in (live tourneys still allowed simply because they're so exhilarating and way easier to find than live cash games) until I double up my current bankroll. A couple of decisive factors kinda shove the idea down my throat:

  • I would have doubled up my bankroll if I'd only played cash games.
  • My overall tourney's ROI % is negative.
  • The results of an informal poll about what game - cash or tourney - people are best at.
  • A HORSE Railbirds freeroll where I discovered a liking for RAZZ, and the sudden desire to play cash game RAZZ, which requires my bankroll to be at the very least twice what it is now.

Thus, I will stick to Railbirds freerolls and concentrate on cash games when I put money in play :) for a month or two and review the results then.



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