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Oh well, I went broke for only the second time in our weekly homegame!!! How you may wonder... Well, I just overplayed AK to get it to showdown against a made pair held by the uber aggressive newcomer (to whom I had just promise to bring one of my next 4 hands to the showdown - hey, it's a microstakes homegame; we are supposed to goof around lol!). And, a couple of hands later, I hit top pair with a QT off and had him in the ropes but he spiked a Broadway on the river and I was now left with about 20% of my buy-in.

Tightening up, I folded pre-flop twice in a row for the first time that night, and woke up on the SB with pocket snowmen. UTG makes it 3xBB, dealer (uber aggressive newbie) folds. I don't think twice and shove with a "I guess I'll rebuy". BB folds after a little thinking. UTG quickly calls and laughs in front of my snowmen while flipping rockets. I do not suck this one out... And ended up rebuying for the first time... :P

The night winded down and I kinda didn't get any chances to unstuck myself,. spewing my chips in a vain attempt to loosen up. Then, I was allowed to see a free flop with my monstruous T6 off and hit top pair. Button bets about half the pot, and I shoved again, a little more than a buck. Button goes in the tank and finally calls flipping over T3 of heart with two hearts on the board. Whoa... A race. Which I win... Which was like my second pot won for the whole nite :P!

Now sitting on about 2 bucks and change, it was decided we'd play 2 more orbits and call it a nite. Right there and then is when I figured I'd either lose my whole 5$ buy-in, or walk away from the game with a profit. Which meant trying to double-up. So, next hand, on the BB, I shoved over the top of the UTG 3xBB bet in the dark and got called. Not looking at my hole cards for the whole deal was pretty fun :). Especially since I rivered the winning straight, beating my buddy's top pair. For the record, I ended up flipping 87 off while my opponent turned T6 off :P! The sad part is that I busted my buddy, which was not supposed to be :D!

Off to the next hand and my unwavering resolution to shove against any raise and do it in the dark. On SB, the button makes it 0.25$ to go, and, well I shove. But looked at a lousy J2 off before and cursed myself for having looked. Button folds. Now I won back enough to pay back my second buy-in while sitting with about 2 bucks afterwards. I do. And lo and behold, wake up with American Airlines the very next hand!!!! On the button, even!! And I do get a raiser before I have to act. I utter the words “all-in” and instantly ear UTG guy going “ah man!”. Still, he finally calls, and I go: “This is my first legit all-in of the 4 I did already :P” while turning my rockets face up. The table goes “Oh!” while my villain shows A9 off, with his 9’s suit matching one of my aces. Domination if there ever was right. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these odds:

Pocket Aces is...

At the flop:
Winning 99.23% of the time
Tied 0% of the time
Losing 0.77% of the time
At the Turn:
Winning 97.36% of the time
Tied 0.26% of the time
Losing 2.38% of the time
At the River:
Winning 92.94% of the time(14.71% with trips or better)
Tied 1.37% of the time
Losing 5.69% of the time(1.85% with trips or better)

And guess what the board ended up looking like?!??! Off course: QJT 2 K, for a Broadway for both of us and the ever elusive split pot (at the river, odds of splitting were 1.37%… SICK!!!!!).

That kinda chop my wind so to speak and I ended up gambling both the next hands and finally went busted.

All in all, an all-in frenzy, including in the dark shove equals loads of fun for a very cheap value. And now I know I cannot really hope for luck to be on my side in poker.



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