When Gambling Becomes Boozing  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Quick post about this week's homegame, which was supposed to be a freeze-out HOR heads-up between Nic and I. Hey, it's a homegame, so let's goof around, right!!! Well, right in a fscking manner: ended drunk under the table before 8 o'clock. You read correctly. And also assumed rightfully that my Wednesday was simply Hell on Earth. Didn't even play a single hand I was so hungover lol. Hence, the morals: booze and poker are fun together, but one can easily take over the other and then you are in for one hell of a ride.

Thank God in my case Tuesday nite, we simply stopped playing... The sole hand we played (about 2 whole hours after I had realized how drunk I was) I had to fight like a mad man the reflex to move all-in. Off course, on other occasions, boozing gave me the perfect amount of confidence and carelessness which hijacked all my inhibited counter-pokerwise-effecient behaviors... So I guess the real morals is finding the "right amount" of booze lol.



Funny: later that day, as I was browsing railbirds forums, I came across a thread about just that; the right amount of... anything to play poker... lol!

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