First Railbirds Freeroll  

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My good and so far only poker buddy Nic found out about and their invite-based private freerolls, and we both registered and started goofing around on the site to get invites. We got two, one in the afternoon, impossible to attend for this working class hero and the other for Friday nite. Waiting for the tourney to start, I found the dedicated forum and read the single post there; some guy was complaining that his last 2 endeavors with railbirds freeroll had been disastrous, stuck that he was with degenerate 10 year old junkies, as he so eloquently put it. Restraining myself from 2 very opposite replies (either: "what do you expect with a freeroll?" or "I'm about to do my first and you're kinda worrying me..."), I played lousily a NL10 cash game to pass time.

Well, my first impressions are good; no more degeneracy than my usual micro-stakes, a somewhat better than your average PokerStars freeroll caliber with such a smaller field. Off course, 1400ish players for 200 bucks is not that juicy but it allows, amongst other things, to try new or different stuff, which is always great in a learning process. In my case, I was trying some real small ball, around 80% of the pot, but could barely managed to play around half my hands; I definitely developed some patterns that I must fix :-).

Anyhow, couldn't crack the 50%-of-the-field mark; 770th out of 1 428, but yesterday was, in the end, a shitty poker evening :)! Thus, I'll try this again for sure :D!



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