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Horrible, horrible fscking nite yesterday; donked over 7$ total ... came in pre-tilted cause of the buses, the stupid snow and my stupid friends and their fscking xmas parties, and definitely tilted when my uber 7-2 offsuit from the BB turned into a boat only to find out the dude on my left had been slow playing a pocket pair turned to set by the flop (or just passively playing every hand for that matter)... and then, I hit rock bottom :P... After being constantly re-raised pre-flop with my semi-bluff/semi-steal attempts (which were way too numerous in my vain attempts to get my money back), I wake up with Hockey Sticks and raise 3xBB and get fscking re-raised again but this time I call. Flop is absolutely dry so I bet half the pot, only to get raised again by the fscking button. I re-raised and he shoves while some donk between us does the calling station trick... I call, knowing full well that:

  1. I'm beat by a bigger pocket
  2. I am on super uber tilt, which argues and makes a solid case for me to gamble this 2-outer piece of shit of a hand...

Off course the board and poker Gods do not come to my rescue (i guess that humoungous suck out in the satellite had its cost :P) and the guy indeed has rockets. I go berserk, quit my 3 tables, folding a pair of jacks in the process, cause lets face it, I would have played those like aces surely but the board would have been A-K-Q for sure ;), and go watch that awful hockey game... Which ended 4-1 Wings... Even the Habs are going to hell... lol!


Trying to retrieve some positive from this nite, I think I might have nailed a couple of factors that could explain those "Downward Spiral" moments... And they could also explains the state of my poker graph (see last post)... I'll need to check my hand logs and ponder a little more on this though... To be continued...



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