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Ok. I'm starting to think I suck at poker. Looking at these, one could also argue I kinda lost my mojo after hand #5,989 or so... Was there ever two graphs more dissimilar, seriously???? And off course, my old male ego thing is getting owned these days, as my buddy Nic is running great these last 3 months, reaching each and everyone of his goals in the expected amount of time... Just now, chatting with him while at work ;o), he's telling me how good he's running, finally playing NL10 and being up by a buy-in and a half... While being absolutely thrilled for him and his successes (which come with their lot of hard work, believe me, even at our small scale), I come to realize the last time I doubled-up in a cash game is... probably the last time I played Play Money games... Am I supposed to double-up in cash games is now a very decent and relevant question...

After futher investigation, it turns out Nic doubled-up 8 times since September, out of about 250 sessions, for a wooping 0.03 %... Doesn't tell me much; is this a must? Can one rake in great profit while never doubling-up?

The thing is I wanna be the best that I can, and I know I tend to be result-oriented, which is just wrong with poker...

Oh well, looks like this is going to be one hell of an introspective Holiday Season :P...



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