Xmas Bad Beats Nightmare  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Congratulations! You're one step closer to hitting bottom.
- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Well, I went to the floor on Xmas Eve. All started with my rockets getting cracked by... Yeesss, exactly, a fscking Anna Kournikova... Offsuit even!!!! In a nutshell: I wake up with rockets UTG (after playing my second BB - roughly, my 1oth hand of the day), raise my usual 3xBB, get called by UTG+1 and proceed to remind myself that I'm ready to call any bet pre-flop while holding the best Texas Hold'em starting hand, and if I weren't, I should just quit, when, lo and behold, UTG+2 re-raises all-in for about 5 bucks. I insta-call and UTG+1 insta-folds, of course. Board comes something like 7-3-J-Q and the fscking merciless river (she'll get even nastier, believe me) brings a fscking Ten and I just lost it, seeing this runner-runner suckout from such a domintated hand... Thus, I proceeded to spew a couple more bucks, tilting like a madman. Total losses after 150 hands on Xmas Eve: 9.50$.
Then, I quit, took a shower, had lunch, and, since my Xmas celebrations were on the 25th, I sat down again, pumped up and focused on making my big hands count and get those dollars back. Well, while my intentions might have been good, the poker gods saw things differently. After calling a pre-flop shove again, this time with Cowboys against a uber-tight aggressive player whom I correctly put on Aces (then why d'you called?? you might ask, to what the only answer is: I am a donk), I woke up with American Airlines once more, only to find myself shoving on a blank flop (5-7-J) and get called by my opponent, holding a Gretzky... Just guess what card the river brougth... That's right, a fscking nine! Right there and then, I had a tad over 8$ in my whole bankroll... Yikes :S... And I decided I was a wounded-cornered animal and I readied myself to die (ie go broke).

Currently still struggling around 10$. Managed to bring the total to about 25$, thanks to a tremendous suckout and a couple of monster hands holding on... Until a set over set hand that quickly turned into a Hansen-Negreanu wannabe; quads over boat... And I, of course, had the wors of it...

But today, things seem to brighten up as Nic tells me about moneybookers.com, a site allowing money transfers from one poker site to another... I might pump money into my stars bankroll after all... Cause there's no way I'm quitting, even though my "Well, I'm broke" post is already started :P...



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