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Ok. I have fomented somewhat of a first hypothesis as to what happened around hand #5,989... Panic! I then went through my widest bankroll swing ever, trying to play a lot more pots and a lot more aggressively, never backing down from any top pairs, regardless of the kicker, for instance. In a span of about 300 hands, I tested that kinda play and reached my biggest net profit, only to lose it all (twice even) in the greatest downside of my year... And this is when I panicked and thought I simply sucked at the game, not putting any of these losses in any kind of perspective... Even thought about quitting, plain and simple. Not remembering I had a good first half the year and forgetting about the old 'a poker cash game is one continuous never-ending game with swings and trends' can become quite costly it seems ;-).

Another decent hypothesis would be that I do not feel comfortable at NL5, mostly because we have uber-Gus-Hansen types, players playing humongous numbers of hands (you'll rarely play peeps with >50% VP$IP at NL10+, but you might end up on a table with an average VP$IP of above 50% for the whole table at NL5, as well as uber-maniacs playing more than 3/4 quarters of the time... Just crazy; how can you put any of these players on any kinda hand?!?!?!?). I have to admit having, on average, better sessions and steadier wins at NL10 than NL5... I'll have to check the number of hands played at these two levels before being absolutely convinced... But I don't think I'll get back to playing NL5 ever again in any case, though :).



Might also have simply gotten lucky... That's my latest guess... :S...

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