Side Bet Wrapup  

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Well, it's over. I lost. Actually, I surrendered as Nic offered me to buy out of the bet for 5 bucks, ie half price. The thing is I hadn't much time to close that ~2,000-hand gap before January 17th. Plus, every single day I could play and try to catch up, he'd also most probably be playing at the same time... With one more table, even... I think there's no shame in admitting I'm beat here :). Even though I still feel somewhat cheap and dishonorable for having taken the easy way out; in my book, you take a bet, you see it through... But I guess that's all the same in the grand picture :P...

Final Tally
ncaron = 13,583
AlLaf = 11,660

I must admit it forced me to play a lot in the past 8 weeks, which was the intented effect, really. But I also realized that I have a definite fondness for tourney play, and with that bet going on I couldn't play as many tourney as I would have liked... In any case, playing that amount of hands sure had some great positive effects, such as not being uber excited when waking up with rockets or cowboys... Or realizing my starting hand range was waaaaaaayyyy to wide... Even though I lost a fiver, the whole adventure had a lot of positive value in the end...



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