Could It'd Been Old Lady Luck?!?!?!?  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Well, I think I've been running good, with Lady Luck holding my hand since last Christmas...

And, and that one's still rubbing me the wrong way, I seem to have ran good in the last few days, while donkeying five buy-ins with the feeling of receiving my fair share of bad beats (set over set, runner-runner straight, top 2 getting flushed...) in the midst of all those bad plays I definitely pulled as well...

Now trying to figure those graphs more thoroughly :P... Reading some interesting posts in PokerEV forums...

Still, both my Expected and All-in Winnings lines are pretty close, so it might not be as bad as I first thought. Especially since, from the first post above:

That is why you can't use the game analysis to measure luck properly. For most styles of play it will usually converge to somewhere around the same point, but it is definitely something you have to take lightly, and not as pure figures.

Which I am now chosing to believe and agree with :-).



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