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Ok. March was one hell of a roller-coaster ride!!!! It all started very badly, and I never got back in pace... The 2 first weeks, I admit I didnt make much of it, blaming variance, bad beats and a short bleed from weak play (basically not as aggro as I should be). At the end of week 2, I was starting to wonder whether I had simply been lucky so far and this was how my results should have been... That kinda took its toll on me, but I try to convince myself I only needed to log hands to back on track. Which I did. Ended up putting 13 000 hands this month!!!! And that is the most important thing from this March '08; I've put up my biggest month in terms of hands played, enough to get very close to upgrading my PokerStars status, which would be so cool :)! And my BB/100hands is still roughly around 3, so if I can keep logging between 10 and 12 thousand hands a month, I should rake a very decent profit by the end of 2008 :P...

In the meantime, here are my graphs, including a cumulative 2008 graph.

March 2008 - By Date

March 2008 - By Hand


On a somewhat related side note, I bought myself a brand new laptop and am pretty satisfied for now!!! Only glitch up to now; my pahud is freezing my PokerStars tables :S... Nerf computers ;-)...



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