Mid-Month Thoughts & A New Deposit  

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I had promise myself, very naively now that I ponder back on this, to make one deposit, see how it goes and, if I were to lose it all, never reload. Well, I remember being quite troubled by that promise when my roll was a whooping 4,76$, torn between quitting poker altogheter (well, in this competitive manner I have tried for the last 15 months or so), or reloading and (hopefully) learn from it. But, as it's often the case in life, this questioning was irrelevant, since I went on a proverbial tear which brought my roll back to a half-decent size. But it stayed in the back of my mind... Wondering what I'd do if I'd ever go broke...

In any case, I finally elected to pump some money in my Online bankroll, for 2 very relevant reasons; first, I'll probably get to play NL25 a little quicker. Second, PartyPoker has without a doubt the easiest bonus to clear I have ever seen; 125 raked hands (might I remind you that Party rakes 5% of every 0.20$ in the pot; it really is a piece of cake) and you get 25$ for free, plus five 2+2 books (yeah, you read that correctly)!!!! And it took both Nic and I one single evening of play, not even overplaying or going out of our way to log the proper amount of hands. Just like that!

So, as of now, my roll is split almost evenly between Stars and Party. I thought I'd cash out from my Stars roll the 50$ I deposited at Party to pay myself back, but I'll ponder this before, pumping a little life into my roll is not out of the question, more than a year after that somewhat silly promise.

Still, I could just quit... Yeah right!

Mid-Month Recap

Well, I think I've logged somewhere around 4,500 hands in April so far. Not on pace for the famous 12K month, but I'm still confident that I'll make it somehow... At least to 10,000 hands... Especially since I think my hockey fever is about to get killed by the lousy bears of Boston (who ever heard of bears in Boston, really!?!?!? :P)... Now, if I can get back to playing decent, solid, ABC-poker, I think I could finally change the groove and start winning on a regular basis again... Fingers crossed...

Still, I could just quit... Yeah right!



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