The Elusive Next Step  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Man alive! I have been (unsuccessfully) grinding NL2, NL5 and NL10 for about more than year now, in the hopes of pumping my bankroll to 10 times the NL25 buy-in, namely $250. While this bankroll management is pretty loose, considering I'm still playing what is called micro-stakes, AND still working full-time, I can definitely afford such guidelines. Anyway, lately (start of 2008 more or less), I have become a tad more successful, and got close to $200 without pumping any money into my BR, and then getting my first take of the elusiveness of the next stake. Almost there, I turned impatient and overly aggressive, which is definitely related to my impatience and eagerness to move up. Back to about $125, I did deposit on PartyPoker, mostly to get 5 free 2+2 Publishing books :P, plus a free $25 deposit bonus... Party being softer, I have spent most of the last 6 weeks flirting with the next step, always to fall short, be it because of impatience, donkeyism or bad beats (which I had my share of, but always balanced by my very own tremendous suckouts (twice or thrice), or more frequently, monster hits, such as those 2 quads Tens I flopped in the spane of maybe 5 days :|)... All in all, I just can't seem to win that very very elusive last buy-in... Stuck moving aroung $220 and $240+, without EVER getting to $250... Yesterday was the closest I got to finally moving up to NL25; short about half a buy-in, with Rockets in the hole, and a 5h2c3d flop, I got min-re-raised (I know I know) by the button and decided to shove, praying to the Poker Gods for the guy to be on Kings or Queens and not a freaking set... Stacked off against is Presto turned into top set :). Oh well, deja-fscking-vu all over again...

Started to wonder whether the Poker Gods like me or not... LOL!



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