At least, now I can cashout :P!

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Slow Saturday night (too lazy to do anything, tbh :S), playing some online cards. I just cleared PokerStrategy's $50 credit, reaching over 2,500 Titan Points, and therefore, am entitled to cash it out if I so desire. Won't until I've cleared the bonus for sure though, which I'm currently 20% through right now. Glad unlocking that credit thing didn't take too long, and I can't help but feel for those who are playing >=NL20; must feel like crossing the desert ;-).

On the other hand, my latest 500-hand SSSing session didn't go that well. First losing short-stack session ever; drop 1,75 buy-ins, and know exactly why I did; didn't stick to the fscking rules!!! Like, played Queens AND Jacks from EP... They're just sooooo tempting to play, ya know... So, now, I'm taking a quick break, then sitting in a donkago and popping a couple more cash game tables... deep stacking maybe ;-)...



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