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Yesterday, seeing my PT rake column nearing the Borden status (ftr: in Canada, Borden's the guy on the hundred dollar bills), I made sure Titan Poker doesn't support any type of rakeback. Pretty disappointing since I am in a rake race, but I kinda knew it beforehand, now didn't I?!?!

But this morning, I got this email:

Dear Me,

Today we issued you with a CAD15.30 bonus. The bonus is waiting for you in your account number TTR***********.

See you at the tables and good luck!


The Titan Poker Team
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This allegedly equals to 40% rakeback, and is actually a PokerStrategy summer bonus for July and August. Sweeeet! Thing is though it doesn't quite fit :P... Turns out Titan does not compute rake the same way PT does (Total July rake from PT = $53.65, which means 53.65 * 0.4 = 21.46)... I've read things about clearing a first $25 rake, but that does not fit either :S... Also read some PokerStrategists received 2 special bonuses deposits... Anywho, I've asked Titan my current rake and will try and understand it all from there ;-).

It is still a very nice perk, and I'm getting more and more happy I registered to PokerStrategy :D!

Ah crap!!! Looks like it puts the $100 first deposit bonus on hold... Oh well, will keep a tally; perhaps I can get more than the promised hundred bucks, and THEN clear that bonus ;-)! Actually, quick maths says I should make more than the first deposit bonus: to clear that one, I need to rake $350, which I have already cleared about $60 before the summer bonus kicked in. $290 left, times 40% equals $116 (based on PT tho), and that's assuming I'd reach $350 in rake exactly as the summer bonus would end up... I think I can get about $200 before it comes to an end... Though my vacations are in August... Nerf... lol. And in any case, I just read the first bonus will not be canceled, so this just means more fwee moneee!!



WTF?!? Advertisements on your blog ?!?

Sellout!! ;)

lol i figured it would be more appealing to the fishes than a plain text link; it is my referal link after all :P...

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