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Posted by Alex Laforest

Ok, I haven't dabbed into strategic posts and such so far, mostly because, to paraphrase Doyle, brighter minds than me are already discussing those, and one can find super smart, savvy (and yes, a tad cocky) people to pick one's play and brains to pieces on forums such as 2+2 Forums (undoubtedly the best place online to discuss poker nowadays), not to mention the numerous sticky posts available throughout the internet, the poker blogs held by some of the most outspoken pros out there as well as by a bunch of unknowns with sharp tongues and enlightening perspectives, without forgetting the multiple and constantly emerging poker sites such as, and PokerStrategy. Oh, and almost forgot the books, lol. All in all, a lot of strategic and tactical literature out there, and I figured, when first starting this blog, that it would probably be better to leave this to the best of us :).

But, it turns out there might actually be a small, tiny chance I might have gotten to the point where I have multiple readers... Yeah, I know, I'm probably turning schizo, but having linked my blog to some sites recently, it is a definite possibility! lol. Therefore, I figured I could start plugging some theoretical stuff, when the mood strikes, mostly. And what could fit more than kicking things off with a post from my good buddy ncaron, about posting when first sitting at a full ring table. Here it is. I thought my potential readers could benefit from the info as well as the poker player mindset shown there to solve a simple yet relevant question about a very precise situation, in that constant quest for an edge, some edge, any edge over one's opponent(s).



QUOTE: "brighter minds than me are already discussing those"

BRAG : brighter mind than Alex :P

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