Must... Not... Attempt... To... Steal... Blinds...  

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I find myself considering the famous infamous Short Stack Strategy has given me all it can offer. At least for the time being. Man, it's such a boring endeavor! But, for a couple of reasons, I must keep being the Enemy; the only almost noble reason I have to pursue this short-stacking adventure is collecting a passable hands sample in my PokerTracker database. That one is going good, with a little over 9K hands as of now for July. The thing is, I also get greedy with statistical samples, and now feel the perfect size to be somewhere around 100K... I haven't even played 100K of cash game lifetime!!! LOL!

Another, lesser reason (well, depends on the perspective, really :P) is those 2 bonuses I have to clear, which means I'm probably short-stacking until the end of the summer. Ouch! Kinda just stroke me, to be perfectly honest... I think I'll have to manage some Deep Stack venting somehow... Come to think of it, it may be why I browsed the net today to find a decent live game/tourney somewhere in Montreal on a rainy, summer Monday night... Opted for the greed of the grind... Played 300 hands of suckouts after suckouts and manage to rake a decent profit so far, but didn't feel that good doing so... Odd... Thus, taking a blog break :P... Think I'd be done with SSSing for a while it weren't for those Titan/PokerStrategy deals... I am a greedy little man...

I definitely need to put in some venting mechanism, or else, I think I might go nuts (bad pun intended ;-)). Prolly grind a decent bankroll as I do, yes, but completely lose my interest in the game in the process... Not something I want to do, ldo. For now, my purging moments have been through donkagos, but that's not real poker either, now is it :D ?!?!?! Seriously kidding here; Sit'n Go and Tournament Poker > ShortStacking by a long shot, in yours truly's humble opinion. And that's even though you often have to resort to short stack play in a tournament or sit'n go. Seriously, short stack poker barely qualifies as poker... But, for this micro-grinder, it IS a very decent way to clear bonuses by playing a tad above his bankroll (for deep play, obviously), which in turn is a very decent way to build a bankroll. And since Titan is currently giving me 40% rakeback, I find myself really addicted to those "You have received a Special Bonus" emails :D! So, back to short-stacking :S... Must... not... attempt... to... steal... blinds...



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