The Main Event!  

Posted by Alex Laforest

The Main Event is here. Or should I say the 39th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event is here. The Big Dance we've heard so much about, from the tv coverages to those famous words uttered by Matt Damon in Rounders "This is why the World Series of Poker is decided over a No-Limit Hold'em table".

For the record, Day 1a starts today at Noon PDT. Who's gonna be the new superstar of poker? I'm guessing some atheist, as some counter-measure to Jerry Yang's rubbing faith... The Poker Gods are ironic that way :P...

On the plus side, if neither Cunningham or Hellmuth makes the money in the ME, I win my WSOP prop bet :D. I think I'm ahead ;-)...

Let's get ready for the world's richest, most famous Donkament!!!!! Dance, donkey, dance!



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