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Being asked "what the fsck you doing with those????" by a buddy, colleague or co-drinker when thumb-flipping some poker chips in a bar always makes me ponder the reasons for me to play poker... Being myself a pretty introspective fellow, I tend to constantly question my life, and having read Schoonmaker kinda helps routinely reassessing my poker shit. But not enough, it seems... So, when answering this WTF?!? from the latest co-drinker with an unexpected "Cause I'm an overly anxious guy who used to chew his fingernails, and flipping poker chips is ZE thing I found to stop this bad habit", I can't help but ask myself if I'm not just bullshitting my friend, being a full-of-shit wannabe hustler yapping stupid answers to what I consider relatively irrelevant questions... And correlate to this is, why do I (still) play cards?

When I was reading Schoonmaker, I think I broke it down into something like that:

1) Measuring myself: 35%
2) Money: 25%
3) Accomplishment: 15%
4) Excitement: 15%
5) Socialize: 5%
6) Pass time: 5%

And now, after this elongated happy hour where I found myself in the bathroom, writing a reminder on my hand to try and answer that epitome of a question of "why do you play poker", reminder which was later seen by a very good friend of mine, whom got curious to know what this was all about, and obviously went "So, why do you play???" with a wink in the eye, I spontaneously answered the archetypal machismo answer "to make money"... Which I used to try and avoid, because of the whole machismo thing, as a matter of fact. But as of now, I think there might be something here... Reassessment really is a necessity in one's life, and poker really is a micro-life of sort for sure! Maybe it's time to change the ratios above ;-)...



Pretty cool blog, mate!

Hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your idea in my blog.

You'll also see that my previous post had a lesson from Schoonmaker, not everyone thinks like us.

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