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I am such a ding-a-ling. Been wondering for a couple days now why I can't seem to play at least an half-decent numbers of hands every day of every week... Well, I think I got it; it all comes down to priorities, hehe. Thing is, there are a couple things I love doing in my free time, the least of which is procrastination :P. Amongst the other stuff, in no particular order, there's tv and cinema, friends, books, fiction (we'll get back to this), and there's the oldest hobbie of them all, sports watching, mainly hockey, but October also means MLB playoffs, and with my beloved Red Sox just shy of another run at the World Series and now out of it, I did spend some evenings watching the best ball games of the year. Love it, but it is time consuming. A case could be made that it's easy to multi-task while watching baseball, which I totally agree with, but I decided some time ago that I would not spread my attention when playing cards. Thus, music is all that's allowed while grinding :).

So basically, what happened after my month off in August is the famous infamous switcheroo in my priorities. All in all, I'm now focusing a lot of energy on fiction again... Yeah, fiction, as in watching, reading, writing and thinking fiction. Which of course tends to clog my stupid brains with storyline permutations, characters development, themes, ideas, twists, turns, dialogs... the works. And while I really love getting back into it, I must also admit it kinda pisses me off not being able to do everything I'd like to do the way I'd like to do it any given week. Damn those measly 168 hours!!! Seems like it's definitely time for some serious reassessment and a good, hard look at myself in the proverbial mirror...



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