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Posted by Alex Laforest

Ok, from my introductory post, hypothetical readers should have concluded, quite correctly, that I loooooved Rounders. As a matter of fact, I have (somewhat) tempered with the movie business before, and used to review flicks for a local magazine... One of those proverbial first loves, you know ;-). I can't remember not being in love with the silver screen honestly...

I actually remember pretty clearly going to the theater to catch it with my buddy/roommate, and even trying to start our very own homegame afterwards, which featured almost exclusively crazy wild games LOL... But, we were o so broke art students, all of us, so it just didn't take off. And it took me about 7 years to actually get back into poker, mostly because of a random comment at the water cooler on a dull work day. And ever since that day, and the following weekend, I have been fiddling around the metaphysical and philosophical side of the game, mostly trying to work on a series of posts/articles/whathaveyous which I tentatively refer to as Poker & Self-Enlightenment. And one thing I have been wondering for the longest of time is how influencial was Rounders on that famous poker boom... Well, a very interesting thread has popped up today on 2+2 (comment #9 is a copy-paste, btw... Still pretty darn interesting tho ;-)). Felt I kinda needed to post a little something-something about it ;-).



For the record ... I didn't watch Rounders until 2005 and borrowed it by chance.

What a movie. It certainly inspired me to take the game way more seriously. The scene where he collects all the bankroll components was me when I was a teenager.

I'm convinced that it had an influence on the 5% that win.

Those that don't love the movie aren't winning consistently. Go the grinders!

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