Nerf Weak Economy, Nerf Weak Canadian Dollar, Nerf Fscking Exchange Rate!!!!  

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Oh man, I have to say sometimes I am very very glad to be a boorish Canuck instead of a boorish American. But other times, I just hate it!!!! Utterly, profoundly hate it... despise it even. Like yesterday, when I finally decided to deposit $600 on The Asia Poker in order to start earning rakeback again (rakefreeze) AND clear their 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $600$(yeah I know, I could have only deposited $300, I am not that dumb ;-)... But I feel way more comfy with $600 to 8-table NL50 while clearing this bonus... and I do have more money in my MB roll, anyway :)), and BAM, I got hammered with roughly a 25% conversion rate... which ended up "costing" me about $150. Grrrrr... and ouch! Of course, this is not as bad as some could first believe... Worse case is I'll withdraw my money with a little loss, if say, the CAD suddenly surges to $0.85USD when I'm good and ready to move on to another bonus... Obviously, a CAD on par would be a disaster, but I'm pretty confident this will not happen for at least (at the very least) for another year. But the thing that does piss me off tremendously is, for the first time in my life, I have to pay attention to these things... lol, I guess...

On the other hand, having gotten used to my Titan roll being in CAD (ie having gotten used to basically never knowing exactly where my roll stands before leaving tables), I must say it is waaaayy better to have your site-roll in the same currency the site is using on the tables ;-).



Hate to say it, but you sound more like a Yank, post by post. Exchange rates are the language of travel and experience.

Losing out on $150 pales into insignificance when you compare it to me missing out on my 2 weeks at Whistler in January.

Go the Canucks and your crazy goalie!

Ah shoosh! You got me!!! So true... Having not travel that much (ldo), I am not used to that 'language of travel and experience' (loooove that turn of phrase, btw :))... All I can say is you are absolutely right and... mea culpa ;-).

But, I'm not kidding anyone here, I am, in fact, a Yank... Any Canadian saying otherwise is BSing, imo.

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