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Quick update after about 1000 hands at NL50: so far so good, but I have to admit my 2.5BIs upswing is mainly due to getting action when holding the nuts rather than my outplaying opponents... I mean, 4betting all-in preflop with rockets is a no-brainer and very, very easy, but when the 3bettor calls, it's sweeeeet. Especially when the rockets hold, ldo. So, basically so far so good, but not much to say. A tad more 3betting preflop I think... And loads of fscking shorties.... "We hatesss 'em, my presssiouss, we hatesss 'em." lol

Off to a fundraiser donkament tonite, for my nephew's hockey team. I have a feeling this is gonna be one hell of a poopshoot ;-)...



Hi Alex, congrats on the BR to move up. Based on what I've read, you won't have any problems. Just be careful not to go too nitty. Steal, steal, steal. Then when you get resistance, choose your path from there.

I'm finding an increasing number of shortstackers. Just steal and be ready to release if they push.

Aggression will win at this level. NL100 takes a wee bit of getting used to, but that will be closer to Christmas when you hit your 2K. GL.

Hey, thanks man!

I'll remember your advice, as I too find a lot of shorties... And man, do I love stealing from them :P!!!


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