NL50 Rollz, ai Haz Eet... For Nao...  

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Woohoo!! That's it, an incredibly lucky big blind double-up got me there! And while I do feel that dirty, cheap feeling you get when sucking out on someone (I don't know for you, but I do anyway), it really is overturned by the achievement of a yearly goal... Well, the closest I got to it so far anyway, cause I still have to settle there, make it my new home and such, you know. And this might very well be a longer bout since I plan on grinding 40 buy-ins before moving up this time... I just know I play waaay better when comfy, and being appropriately rolled is synonymous with comfort for yours truly :). Plus, even though my current bankroll management is very solid, I do think 40 BIs becomes a bare minimum very soon when moving up in stakes. I guess I'm not that much of gambler after all :P! True to word (sorta :P), glancing at my spreadsheet and seeing my whooping 1G sitting there in the total box, I can't help but get that old feeling, the very same one I got when I was an always-broke-eternal-student guy just after making what counted as a 'score', and can even hear the voice of that guy, scared shitless of his own empty pockets, whispering malignently "Take the money and run, Forrest, run!" ROFL!! The times they are a changin', I s'ppose, cause I won't run... not yet anyway ;-).

Oh, and K9o slowplayed from the BB FTFW!!!! Man, thank God I don't do that too often!!

And we are off to my very real NL50 session... Nittyness in all its splendor here I come :D!



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