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Well, it's been a while coming, but I finally hit a rough patch, nay, a fscking wall... Started a little before that fscking Rockets vs Rockets Flush Fiasco, and 7 buy-ins down the hole later, I say merry fscking xmas to me! Thanks, Poker Gods...

What's worse is I don't even know whether NL50 broke me, or if it was all variance... Or, more realistically, a wicked combo of both, combined with me going donkey (that combo sounds O too familiar)... And I know 7 BIs might not be that much, but it got the best of me, and is forcing me to step down to NL20 4 fscking days before the end of the year!!! Irony, God, Faith, Poker, what have you, have a very lousy fscking sense of humor in my book... Maybe it's Karma punishing me for giving my 10 year old nephew a poker chip sets for Christmas?!?!? lol

Anyway, don't really know what to do next... Day off? Prolly the best idea right now... Stepping down to NL20 is definitely the best, safest and wisest play here, I think, although it will mean forfeiting a lot of the Asia bonus... Next best thing would be to shortstack my way back to a decent NL50 roll while continuing to grind said bonus, but, I don't know, shortstacking, really?!?!? Don't we hate those nitty, check-raising mofos?!?!? Dunno... Guess I have to let this one stirr for a bit :S... Hence this post ;). I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again: that kinda spot really does feel like a heartbreak, seriously... It takes all the place in my head, even though there's still a voice in there yelling how ridiculous it is to let myself feel that crushed by such a trivial matter compared to how fortunate I actually am of being young (relatively), healthy (relatively), independant (relatively), int... Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I still just wanna pounce drinks until I don't feel anything anymore... Hehe, there goes my fondness for pathos again... Alas, it is only barely noon here, so that's out of the question... for now... lol.

On the other hand, Season's Greetings to all!!!! Don't let donkeys and suckouts ruin your holidays - working pretty hard on that myself ;)!


Ugh sorry buddy... as you can imagine I know exactly how you feel. Looks like we both fell a bit short this year. But January will be good to us... we're due!

One time Poker Gods! One time!

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