Make-Up Session  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Ok. After much much kicking and screaming, and then some more, I think I managed to take some kind of relative distance, while keeping dabbing at the game. And, god how silly it sounds now I'm writing it, but I think the most important lesson in my latest bad streak (I could venture saying it might be the case for all cold streaks, but I feel rather humble by the game, and life these days ;-)) is: poker is not a fscking lottery. While it is silly, I believe it deserves some quick explanation. The thing is, and I'm sure I've come to this exact same realization before (god, I am dumb...), I tend to tarp myself whenever I'm closing in on a proper bankroll for a next stake. And then (I'm grossly hypothesizing here), two major kinda unconscious behviors and patterns take just enough control of my game to screw it all to pieces... These 2 patterns/behaviors would be, in no particular order, *drumrolls*: 1) I feel I've beaten a level, and thus, chest pumped, I figure I can outplay anyone. 2) I fall into the impatient-yet-complacent tarp and spew with no regards to opponents, board textures, stacks, stats, action, forgetting along the way some basic facts of Holdem, like, oh I dunno, from the top of my head, hands can improve AND weaken. You know, stuff like your Rockets are just one overpair on a KhJhQhTcTs board, and if super-nit villain suddenly wakes up on the river, you will not correct your commitment mistake by shove-calling. And overplaying monster starting hands late in a hand is, for me anyway, falling into the lottery tarp; I feel I just won the lottery when waking up with rockets, so they cannot be beaten right? I mean, I've just won the lottery, didn't I? Poker is not a fscking lottery, dumb fsck, really :P.

The good news is, besides that very retarded "duh! I get it", with my dabbings/grindings, plus the slowish motherfscking bonus whoring ever, plus a fat-fat VIP rakeback check, I am almost back where I was before the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan. And, best of all (although part of me goes "I'm shaking in my boots"... Ironically, and that might be a sign of my ego, the voice is Ghostface's from Scream. Not too sure how I feel about that one, actually. LOL!), I can now take another shot at NL50. Thank you bonus whoring!!!! But then this begs the question I think I might be shying away from: am I a winning player?



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