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Ok. I've postponed that one long enough now. And, any way I put it, I've painted myself in a corner here; it's January 31st, and I haven't wrote down any 2009 objectives, so it's now or never basically cause, well, call me stupid, but I can't really set myself to writing yearly objectives in February... The year would be just too advanced for my tastes... Lol.

I'll try to be brief, mostly because it should help keeping my objectives brief, thus, projecting the illusion that I've, at least, learned a little from last year ;-).

Considering we're at the end of January, it is quite obvious I had time to ponder and brood over what could be realistic, simple yet challenging objectives for 2009. So here we go:

  • Play at least 150k hands of online cash game poker
  • Define what the fsck poker is, and can be in my life

That's it?!?!?
That's it.

Self-explanatory. Might be harder than I think though. Or easier. We'll see, lol.

Defining Poker in My Life
Well, that one might get a little trickier, and deserves a quick explanation, imo.

I have been playing poker as a "hobby-and-maybe-more" for about 2 years, very irregularly and very emotionally, while entertaining some rather ambitious goals, hopes and dreams. All in all, giving me a bunch of highs, coupled with a bunch of lows, and that tends to factor in a lot in my general mood outside of poker, which I cannot say I care very much for. Every high brings its load of confidence boost and renewed beliefs, while ever next low brings its obvious load of self-doubt and deception and anger. Which, in short, questions the worth of the whole thing, really. So, I guess I'd like to answer that question as definitely as possible, hopefully, sooner rather than later, mainly because this one seems pretty fundamental to me. Hehe :-).



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