February: Month Off  

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Took the month off. Wrote a script :|. A complete script, no less (well, alright, it does need a re-write, but is HAS an ending :P). While fiddling around with, like, half a dozen other ideas... There once was a time not so long ago where I was deeply convinced I'd never ever do that ever again... So when I got some rhythm and all, I would be coming home after work, or waking up in the morning, and feeling kinda... obsessed... no, not that, 'obsessed' is not the right word... Occupied by my story... and the fact that every night or morning I spent screwing around with it made it all closer to being complete (not finished mind you, complete; ie, having all parts of the typical, overused 3 acts), I never really felt like playing cards... Except in pubs, with a couple pints down :P...

Anyway, I finally got back in the saddle, depositing on CD Poker to clear the bonus listed on Bonus Whores. Haven't yet played a thousand hands and I already cleared about 10$ of that 200$ bonus, alternating between NL20 and NL50... This bonus is just too easy to clear... And I have 3 months?!?!? Hell, I could probably take another month off and still pull this one ;-). CD's client is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E though. I mean, who can really say they like this carpet, seriously?!?!?



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