Chips or Chick, That Is The Question  

Posted by Alex Laforest

"Will fold for sex (with a chick)"

Yeah, these are the toughest situation I face in poker, lol. And this very important issue (only half-kidding here, as you will probably learn from future posts that I do believe in life, and, well, to me, the love life is an intricate part of this life :smirk:) reminds me of a Tiltboys tale. Well an anecdote rather, about Rafe if I recall correctly. Rafe being THE orignal titlboy, poker IS everything to him. The proof: once in a Vegas casino playing some lousy low limit Hold'em (again iirc), some hottie one table over busts out. Stepping away from the table, she walks to him on definite tilt, and asks him straight up "I feel just shitty now; wanna come up to my room with me and have sex?". And the fscking guy answers "Yeah sure. Let me just play my blinds!". And the sound of a billion geeks and dorks going "d'oh" echoed throughout the desert, jumped the pond and hit just about everyone who ever fantasized about some girl doing exactly that... which is about all of us guys! Hence, some cool dude designer thought of the "Will fold for sex (with a chick) slogan". Priceless. I must admit though, I'd be in a very serious pickle if that meant mucking rockets!!!!

Still, I almost did bail on a poker game to "see about a girl" no later than yesterday... But, the homegame had only 4 players include me, so I went... Didn't regret it, eventhough the "gotta see about a girl" is haunting me now...



This should find its way into the philosophical essay Poker & Self-Enlightenment...

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